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      You are participating in a community of independent game developers. Here everyone’s help is required to collaborate.

      Whether you are looking for a professional figure to help you develop your video game or you are a developer looking for information, take time to read our rules.

      There are rules to follow as in any forum:

      • It is absolutely forbidden to criticize the work of others. There are people who are beginners or who have no experience in that area. We try to help.
      • It is forbidden to swear or vulgarity
      • Don’t spam. It is accepted to share links only for educational purposes or for information.
      • Always be friendly and kind to others
      • Collaboration arrangements can be made. Write with private messages.
      • Use the forum search before opening a new thread. This way you will avoid unsubscribing from moderators for duplicate posts.
      • When opening a discussion, use a title that summarizes the topic of this in the best possible way.
      • Multiple registrations (with different nicknames), each person can participate in the forum with a single registration.

      Proceeding with the registration to the forum the regulation is declared accepted in all its parts by the user who registers.
      Non-compliance with the rules will lead to the immediate ban of the user.

      Crew Boost a Game

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